Manage Money Transfer Process with Advanced Approval Structure of Bulk Payment System
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TOS - What is Bulk Payment System?

It enables companies to perform bulk money transfer from a single panel. Manages and reports banks and accounts.

How does TOS work?

The company working with TÖS creates the payment information and plan by uploading the batch payment file to the system or adding a manual payment. Afterwards, payments are made automatically by connecting to the contracted banks by the system at the specified date and time. In addition, the company receives the preliminary outcome of its payments, monitors the payment results, analyzes the realized and unrealized payments, and can make a re-transaction payment.

The System Works in 3 Simple Steps
Choose the appropriate package
Buy the package that suits your needs.
Authorize your bank
Sign the Bulk Payment System with your bank for data.
Make system settings
Make the definitions in the simple interface in the system.
Advantages of TOS - Bulk Payment System

You can have the approval of TOS and many more at the same time from Open Banking.

Save Time
It saves time by eliminating the processes of uploading payment lists to the bank one by one.
Set a Payment Date
Payment day can be selected. Future payment instructions can be prepared.
Simultaneous money transfer to all banks
Money transfers are made to the recipients in your payment list at the same time.
Advanced Analysis, Reporting
It gives detailed analysis of all your payments with daily, weekly and monthly reports. It offers current account based analysis.
User Friendly Interface
With its simple interface, payments can be added manually and loaded with an excel file.
Simultaneous Transfer to Multiple Banks
Payments can be made to accounts in more than one bank at the same time.
Direct Integration with Banks
Saves accounts, is integrated with banks. Money transfers are automatic.
Transfer to Multi Recipient
You can initiate EFT/Money Transfer transactions to multiple buyers and suppliers from your bank account at the same time. You can track and report payment results.
Advanced Approval Structure
You can create an approval structure for the company for payments. You can prevent frauds.
Instant and Quick Access to Accounts
It provides fast and instant money transfer with easy access to accounts.
Transfer via ERP
Receives and sends payments via ERP.
Payment Delivery Reports
Reports successful and unsuccessful payments.
Number of Banks
Number of Payments
Number of Payments Exceeded Limit
Unlimited Users
Approval Structure
Recipient Registration
Excel Upload
  1. Prices are annual.
  2. Ask for web service price.
  3. Packages have a limit on the number of payments.
  4. User training and technical support are included in the package price.
  5. User training is provided via remote connection.
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